Troubador A Second Chance for Christmas

Released: 01/12/2019

ISBN: 9781783060245

Format: Paperback

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A Second Chance for Christmas


Nathan is a single father with a son named Stefan. He was married to a woman named Emily, but she unfortunately died when Stefan was three years old. Torn apart by grief, Nathan was full of remorse, shut himself away and became a workaholic. Emily was everything for Nathan, and his life has still not got better. He has been living his life in sadness, and not realising that he was hurting the most precious thing to him: Stefan. But this Christmas things are about to change. A young woman, Kate, has come into Nathan’s life and he has fallen in love with her. She’s the first woman he’s dated since Emily’s death. Kate has an important mission that she has to achieve before Christmas. However, she is hiding something from Nathan, and he doesn’t realise who Kate actually is until she reveals her true identity on Christmas Day…

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Musings by Maureen

what are their roles in the story. The story is pretty much something addressed to people who enjoy Christmas, or that enjoys the season at least. The main idea and concept of this book is forgiveness and redemption (at least that's what I've understood from it). I loved Kate but I would rather not spoil anything regarding this character. I'll just say this: she's the key and heart of this story. I wasn't fond of Elizabeth she really left me with a strange feeling of confusion about her.

Let's get to the Pros and cons of the story-

-Lovely characters
-Author managed to make us feel the characters' emotions and make us feel something towards them.
-Story is well developed
-The ending surprised me completely (didn't see that coming!)
-Some sad scenes
-It is easy to picture the set and the characters.

-The beginning is a bit slow. Don't let it turn off, every story has a beginning and ending.
-Elizabeth is one of the characters that I really dislike
-Some confusion here and there but nothing major (might need a second read to better understand it)

-This book is great, especially the ending and Kate. It starts slow and it takes a few chapters to start getting into it, however, once Kate arrives the story takes life. The characters really get into you and the idea of forgiveness is probably what the author tried to do. I recommend it but beware that the first chapters are not the best. I was tempted to give it a 4 stars because of the beginning, but the ending really left an impression on me and that is why I give it a 5 stars.

by Nrbrister

I liked this Christmas story of an angel who makes a man realize his son should mean more to him than a job. That family is more important than money. A nice Christian moral to the book but not too much. Just that God has plans for us and sometimes he sends his angels to help you see.

by Ann Klausing

A Second Chance for Christmas is the first novel by young author Nashin Sadeer, and is especially impressive because it is written in English as his second language and while he was studying at university in London. It is a human interest story, with a twist, which deals lightly with large matters of love, loss, loneliness, friendship and forgiveness, in an engaging and gentle way that will be readily accessible to readers in the teenage and young adult market at which it is aimed. The straightforward narrative should entice these readers to keep turning the pages to find out how the various, likeable characters deal with the emotions to which they are exposed as events unfold. It is a book which would be particularly recommended as a Christmas holiday read, as it is atmospheric of the season, and it generates a predominantly 'feel good factor'.

by chocolat

This is the perfect book to read right around Christmas time to help you remember the things that are important this time of year. It totally reminded me of times when I been super busy with work or so immersed in things that i want to do that i forget their a little boy in my life who won't be little forever. I made sure to put more effort into hanging out with him while he was home during his school break. I love books that cause you to reflect on things you done in your life.

by Jan varvel

Nathans beloved wife Emily died six years ago, and he has struggled ever since. He has even neglected showing affection, and sharing his time with their son Stefan. The little boy is now nine, and dealing with the lack of both parents.
Enter a substitute teacher named Kate, she takes the time, actually many times, to reach Nathan. He is not mean, just lost in his grief, and pouring his life into his work.
There are so many feelings in this story. You want to shake Nathan, he is giving up so much of the time he could spend with his child. Some of the things the author spoke of were not common. He had a seven year old child taking care of a seriously ill woman. He hires someone to pick up nine year old Stfan, and they don't show up for an hour or more?
The premise of the story is one of a miracle. I don't want to give the ending away, but you definately will be surprised...I sure was.
Will Nathan begin to count his blessings, or will the ghost of Christmas's have to pay a visit??

by Maureen

Very heart warming. I loved it.

by Suzanna I

Nashin Sadeer

Hi my name is Nashin Sadeer. Everyone calls me 'Nash'. I was born in England at Epsom Surrey. I spent all my childhood and education in Paris, France. I came back in England in 2006. I really like my mum - she is most amazing person I have ever known. I like reading, practicing martial arts with my brother, playing video games and spending time with my friends. I really enjoy watching movies, which bring me new ideas.

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