Troubador A Corporate Attraction

Released: 24/03/2020

eISBN: 9781838598624

Format: eBook

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A Corporate Attraction


When Nicole’s friend introduces her to Chris, the physical attraction is irresistible. A steamy affair with an executive is just the thing to take Nicole’s mind off the impending work reorganisation. With redundancy looming, the weekend with the sexy businessman doesn’t disappoint. But as the restructure rolls out Nicole soon discovers Chris Reeves is the consultant driving her company’s organisational change, making him strictly off limits. 

As their professional paths cross Chris and Nicole are forced to pretend they don’t know each other. Harder still, they have to fight their mutual attraction. Nicole is thrown into turmoil having to choose between relocation to the other side of the world or redundancy, whilst staying professional and stirring clear of the consultant she’s intimately acquainted with. 

Maybe redundancy would be the best option? Then their professional connection would cease, Chris would be fair game and Nicole wouldn’t have to move, she could stay with her friends and family. But is her career worth that compromise?

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