Troubador A Corporate Attraction

Released: 24/03/2020

eISBN: 9781838598624

Format: eBook

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A Corporate Attraction


When Nicole’s friend introduces her to Chris, the physical attraction is irresistible. A steamy affair with an executive is just the thing to take Nicole’s mind off the impending work reorganisation. With redundancy looming, the weekend with the sexy businessman doesn’t disappoint. But as the restructure rolls out Nicole soon discovers Chris Reeves is the consultant driving her company’s organisational change, making him strictly off limits. 

As their professional paths cross Chris and Nicole are forced to pretend they don’t know each other. Harder still, they have to fight their mutual attraction. Nicole is thrown into turmoil having to choose between relocation to the other side of the world or redundancy, whilst staying professional and stirring clear of the consultant she’s intimately acquainted with. 

Maybe redundancy would be the best option? Then their professional connection would cease, Chris would be fair game and Nicole wouldn’t have to move, she could stay with her friends and family. But is her career worth that compromise?

This author is a first for me and I was instantly drawn to her book by the blurb. I hadn’t realised, when I requested this ARC, that it is part of a series and that the other couple in the story have already had their story done.

In this story, Nicole meets Chris (who is visiting the U.K.) through her friend, Luna and his friend/business partner, Brent. The attraction between the two of them is palpable and they both agree on a no-strings attached, one night only, hook-up, where no personal information is exchanged.

Before their night out, Luna talks Nic into not telling the men what they do for a living- Luna had previously told Brent she was a yoga teacher, as she wanted to keep things light because she didn’t think things would go anywhere.

Fast forward a week or two and this all changes. Their jobs are revealed because Chris and Brent are the consultants brought in to help the company (that employs Nic and Luna) with their restructure. Due to a conflict of interest, Chris and Nicole deny knowledge of knowing each other and set about their days avoiding each other. This forbidden romance has many bumps in the road, but for me, it could have been developed further.

I am a big fan of books that have a dual narrative, like this one - I like being able to get into the minds of the main characters, as I feel it gives a bit more depth to a story. It also makes the book a quick read, as you’re invested in the story and it makes you want to know what both characters make of things. For me, the dual narrative worked in the sense of it allowed both perspectives, but I don’t feel like any real depth was developed and in parts the story felt rushed (particularly the Epilogue).

If you’re after a really quick and easy read, which you don’t have to give much thought to, then this could be the book for you.

Thank you to NetGalley and Troubador Publishing Ltd for this ARC, in exchange for an honest review.

by CheckLitOutEm

Absolutely mind blowing book. The story is interesting, engaging and up to date. The plot is maintained in a fast pace making reader want to know more and more. Great descriptions of the characters, their feeling and emotions. Great romance, definitely deserves to be advertised well.

by Aga

I found this an easy read for a lazy afternoon, Chris and Nicole were good characters and I enjoyed the storyline. I would have enjoyed a little more input from the other characters but for the most part it was a nice book and I did enjoy it.

by Ellie

All thoughts and opinions are mine

This is the second in a series and I was lucky enough to read the first one so was thrilled to be able to read the second instalment

I enjoyed this just as much as the first

Loved the characters and the story - with a very satisfactory HEA

Would recommend the series.

by Maria

Wow there isn't anything I did not love about this book. The chemistry between Nicole and Chris is off the charts. Belinda Wright manages to tell a tale about steamy romance I'm a way that makes it relatable and within reach for us all. You really get to know and understand the two main characters which is something that sometimes lacks in other stories. This books is definitely going on my bookshelf. I hope to hear more about these two main characters in the future.

by Mirtha

This was great. Really steamy, and the characters had great chemistry. The story made me not wanna put the book down! Recommend!

by Jessica

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