Troubador The Ultimate Truth

Released: 28/05/2017

eISBN: 9781788031363

Format: eBook

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The Ultimate Truth

The Power of One


The Ultimate Truth is the final book in Ellen Hardwick’s trilogy, which follows Jane and Mark, a couple with extraordinary spiritual abilities. The reader rejoins Jane and Mark as they are reconnected with people from a former life, and as a result are forced to confront the events of the past in order to save the future. 

When Mark is coerced into creating a powerful crystal with the power to harness the energy of the universe, Jane receives a warning that disastrous events are about to unfold. She has a vision of her past life in Atlantis, where Mark created a similar crystal and unintentionally attracted the energy of an approaching star, causing the destruction of the ancient city. As events are repeated in the modern world, only Jane has the power to change the outcome. Will she be able to stop history from repeating itself, or will the world be destroyed just like the city of Atlantis? 

Inspired by The Celestine Prophecy, and the work of Stephen King and Michael Critchen, The Ultimate Truth weaves Ellen’s experience of spiritual work into an adventure story. The book touches on the popular topics of Atlantis and Lemuria, and will appeal to readers who enjoy spiritual fiction, as well as fans of Ellen’s previous books.

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