Troubador The Thirteenth Disciple

Released: 28/02/2015

eISBN: 9781784629441

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The Thirteenth Disciple


Sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones left to us. As a crowd of angry men spill out of a garden, dragging a preacher who has dared to challenge the established order – and the misery it has caused – a young man follows at a distance. But he is spotted by two other men, who run back and grab hold of him. Terrifed, the boy wriggles out of the linen cloth he is wearing and runs naked back into the darkness. Who was that boy and why was he there? The Thirteenth Disciple is the story of fourteen-year-old Daniel, who yearns to make a difference in the world and who unexpectedly comes face-to-face with Jesus of Nazareth. Astonished to be invited to travel the country with him and his disciples, Daniel's starry-eyed vision of the future soon evaporates when he becomes involved in the running battles with the authorities. But he is held together by Jesus's friendship, the wonder of his miracles and his determination to stand up for the ordinary people. And when he becomes aware of the shattering consequences if he stays faithful to his hero, Daniel races through the darkened streets of Jerusalem on the longest of fateful nights, knowing he must decide his own future before it is too late.

“Beautifully written, authentic and moving...The Thirteenth Disciple celebrates one young man's quest to break free from the chains of a nation in conflict...and to stand courageously with his hero.”

Maurizio Ascari (University of Bologna), author, Faded Letters and Literary Critic

"In telling the story of Daniel, a rebellious teenager in first-century Palestine, Philip Platts brings us face-to-face with Jesus of Nazareth as we journey with him in his preaching, Passion and Resurrection from the dead. I commend this imaginative and well-written book to anyone who wishes to get deeper into the Gospels and the challenge which they still offer us."

Most Rev Malcolm McMahon OP
Archbishop of Liverpool

Watch out for Phil Platts's next novel One Small Pebble in the River of Eternity out later this year.

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Philip Platts

PHILIP PLATTS studied English Literature and Latin and after a career in finance during which he contributed frequently to the media he completed a creative writing course at The Quad arts and film centre in the UK. He has collaborated in the writing of various published works. The Thirteenth Disciple is his first novel.


After living in Tuscany for several years he and his wife are currently travelling Europe.

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