Troubador The Remedy of Souls

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785891915

Format: Hardback

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The Remedy of Souls

From Accusations Held By Muslims Against The Prophet


The Remedy of Souls demonstrates that Islam is exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who delivered its final Message through the Holy Quran. The Prophet is the sole human teacher of Islam, as well as the embodiment of the Truth (Huqq) therein – this is the foundation of his infallibility, or Ismah. The author discusses nineteen violations of this Ismah, which accuse the Prophet (PBUH) of acting against the Quran’s Message. These violations defame his character and belittle his role as the Messenger. It also opens the door to false prophets wishing to override the Messenger’s teachings by preaching their own version of the Message of Islam. Some of these false teachings are still in circulation, and have been used by early political leaders; in exegeses of the Holy Quran; by compilers of Hadith (prophetic traditions); by scholars of Islamic jurisprudence; by scholars of Islamic creed; through leaders of political Islamist movements and, most shockingly but unsurprisingly, by the leaders of today’s violent extremism. Remedy of Souls – Part 1 is essential reading for Muslims who wish to heal and protect their souls and faith in Allah and His Messenger. It allows Muslims to defend themselves against false teachings and instead focus on the true Message. It is also extremely helpful for those who are concerned with the rise of Islamic extremism, as it provides valuable information on the true teachings of Islam which can be used to challenge such views.

The Remedy of souls looks at the prophet Muhammed and his life and teachings to bring us a better understanding of one of the worlds most misunderstood religions today. I think this is a great book for Muslims and non Muslims alike.

by Rose Pettit (NetGalley)

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