Troubador The Psalms in Poetry

Released: 21/05/2021

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The Psalms in Poetry


The Book of Psalms is one of the best loved books of the Old Testament. It holds this position because everyone can ‘find themselves’ in the Psalms. Life never runs smoothly, it has its ups and downs as our pathway through time meanders through the years that God grants us. In line with our life situations, we enjoy times of plenty and times of famine, times of joy and times of sorrow, times of fear and times of contentment, and many other emotions. 

All of these experiences of life are found in the writings of the many authors that collectively make up the Psalms. Many make an appeal to God for mercy and forgiveness for wrongdoing. Their tone is one of desperation and repentance, which at times can evoke feelings of sympathy in the reader, who may well have experienced that very same emotional desperation. Population masses that suffer the consequences of war can find comfort in the Psalms, for those experiences too, are illustrated in the Psalms. By transforming this kaleidoscope of life into poetry we have attempted to soften the raw brutality that life can sometimes throw at us, and at the same time uplift those moments of love and joy that we experience at the other end of the swing of life’s pendulum. 

If you find a comfortable chair in a warm place during the evening, we hope you will begin to appreciate the poetry of life as you read the experiences of the lives of the authors of the Psalms, but phrased in a softer more melodic tone.

An engaging drawing in of poetic elements in spirituality. This book is intriguing on a variety of levels, including the style and perspectives that are offered.

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