Troubador The Idea of God and the Reality of Evil

Released: 01/12/2010

ISBN: 9781848765078

Format: Hardback

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The Idea of God and the Reality of Evil


The Idea of God and the Reality of Evil is the perfect book for readers who have a broad interest in fundamental religious issues. It offers a balanced, clear and non-technical view of the religious ‘problem of evil’, which often forms an insurmountable barrier to faith.

For Atheists the existence of evil is categoric proof that a higher omnipresent and omnipotent creator cannot exist. This book takes a fresh look at the arguments of the Atheists and re-examines their perspective that a perfect being implies a perfect world, and offers a rational answer to the apparent conflict between faith and an imperfect reality.

Paterson’s treatment of the problem of evil is clear. He offers readers a balanced look at all the conflicting views in this book which will appeal to Christians, Humanists and members of many other faiths.

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R.W.K Paterson

The author is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews, and lectured in philosophy at the Universities of Manchester and Hull for 35 years. He has written and published in this field throughout his career.

His wide experience of the extra-mural teaching of philosophy to adults means that his writing is very accessible to any reader with a genuine interest in the subject.

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