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Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015393

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The Healing Enigma

The Physician-Priest in the 21st Century


The concept of the physician-priest is an ancient one existing pre-Christianity, and historic references to the role can be found within the majority of religions and across all continents. However, despite a growing body of scientific evidence indicating the value of spirituality, the 20th century medical profession within the Western world has placed religion at arm’s length, effectively excluding such discussion from the medical consultation.

Referring to both primary and secondary sources within theological, medical, legal, historic and philosophical literature, Robert puts forward an argument in support of a 21st century role for the physician-priest. He argues that if the physician can exercise the role of priest in addition to their medical role, they can thereby truly minister to the whole person in terms of mind, body and soul.

With consideration of modern NHS funding streams, Robert suggests a radical proposal whereby the Church of England and medical educational institutions might combine to offer dual theological and medical training. The result would establish a new breed of professional person ideally positioned in respect to the care of the elderly and those with terminal illness. The Healing Enigma suggests that this not only assists with the provision of ‘whole-person’ care, but also allows the Church to firmly re-establish itself in the 21st century within its Christian healing tradition.

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The succinctness and compelling argument belies a huge amount of research deftly underplayed! WELL DONE!

by The Reverend Canon Alan Robson

Brilliant concept.

by Rodney Jones

A few random thoughts …

I like the idea of a recognised order of priest/physician. Many of the overseas missionary societies operated on this model, with missionary doctors preaching and leading worship. As a result many hospitals were established and seen as centres of faith.

It fascinates me is that so many ordained GPs keep their two professions completely separate!

I like the idea of dementia care being a fertile ground for pioneer mission. And I like the idea of potential funding routes.

Thanks. Very thought provoking.

by Rev'd Philip S.

It was exciting to read a perspective on how medicine and the priestly office can, and indeed do, marry. There was many an occasion when some of us students sat in the sitting room in the nurses home discussing how our religious views impacted on our nursing. The argument regarding combining medicine and theology in partnership for students to graduate as physician-priests was most thought provoking for me, and a very real concept.

by RH

Robert Jaggs-Fowler

Dr Robert Jaggs-Fowler, a Kentish Man by birth, is an Anglican deacon, author, poet & former GP, who divides his time between Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire & Cyprus. With medical degrees, Masters degrees in Medical Law and Ethics (LLM), and Spirituality, Theology and Health (MA), he is currently researching a PhD in theology. Robert is a former columnist for two regional newspapers & a county magazine, has had several short stories, non-fiction and 'filler' articles published and contributed to an American film script. He won the 2005 Lincoln Book Festival Prize for fiction and the 2010 Fathom Prize for poetry. He has written book reviews for a major magazine publisher, has been a regular contributor for an American travel website, and published his first collection of poetry, A Journey with Time,in 2008. Lamplight in the Shadows was Robert's debut novel. He is currently working on his second novel and a third collection of poetry. His musical interests include playing the piano, alto & tenor saxophones and classical guitar. Meanwhile, he relies on the practise of medicine to keep the garret warm and to ensure good supplies of printer ink and malt whisky.

Robert Jaggs-Fowler

The Law and Medicine: Friend or Nemesis?
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