Troubador The Firmament of the Sky Dome

Released: 01/06/2012

eISBN: 9781780888750

Format: eBook

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The Firmament of the Sky Dome

A biblical/scientific account of the Earth's creation


The Firmament of the Sky Dome gives a completely fresh interpretation of the Earth’s geology in relation to the teachings of the bible.

The Firmament of the Sky Dome is a unique book that describes how a dome of ice, called the Firmament, once formed over one half of the earth's surface and turned that area into a huge greenhouse under which plant, animal and human life thrived until it came down only some three or four thousand years ago. The Firmament is mentioned several times in the Bible and is a part of the legend of peoples from many lands. The story starts with a detailed explanation of the formation of the Earth and the rest of the Solar System from the debris left behind after a supernova explosion of a massive star. Knowing how the Earth was formed is the key that unlocks not only the mystery of the Firmament itself but also other global events that have occurred on our planet in the past and will do so again in the near future. The book also gives a fresh interpretation of many of the Earth’s geological features. The future of our planet is shown to be exceedingly bleak for some people but unimaginably exciting for others.

The Firmament of the Sky Dome will interest Bible believers who seek to reconcile their faith in the Bible with what they believe is true in science.

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