Troubador The Essential New Testament

Released: 01/12/2021

eISBN: 9781800466869

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The Essential New Testament


There are few people who have not heard of the Bible but few people know the Bible. Recent decades have seen a dramatic change in the behaviour of the public, moving from the inter-care relationships that existed after the last World War, to one of self-interest. Many families no longer know their neighbours. The man is often no longer the breadwinner. Both mothers and fathers have full time employment, striving for material wealth. Child mothercare is reduced. Imbalanced one parent families are commonplace. 

Spiritual values are no longer taught at school. The school Assembly Prayer has been eliminated. With it has gone the teaching about God, the Creator of all things. Our children are taught the Theory of Evolution as if it were the only truth; yet the initial creation of the simplest microscopic form of life is beyond man’s ability. We are taught the world around us came into being by chance mutations, and when we die there is nothing more, that there is no point or purpose to life other than personal gain. Therein lies the motivation for self-interest. Is it any wonder that violence and drugs are evermore commonplace? Stress levels and depression are seen as normal illnesses. Is there a common cause for such dramatic changes in such a short time in our history?

Can the cause be that we turned our backs to God? There is no way to be sure, but by picking up this book you have stepped onto the “Crossroads of the Cross”. Christ’s teachings changed the world from greed and violence to one of caring for our fellow man. Is it a coincidence that as we have walked away from the Bible, we have re-introduced the selfishness and violence of yesteryear? That is the crossroads that you have stepped onto today. Do you walk on as now, or do you take that first step towards a better way? Who we are, is determined by our choices. I do hope you make the right one.

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