Troubador The Changing Faces of Antisemitism

Released: 28/08/2015

ISBN: 9781784623418

Format: Paperback

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The Changing Faces of Antisemitism


The Changing Faces of Antisemitism is Muriel Seltman’s examination into the roots and causes of antisemitism. Starting with the Gospels and moving forward across time, she identifies the causes of modern, globalised antisemitism. It was Muriel Seltman’s own experience of unwitting antisemitism that was the catalyst for her writing this book – the discovery that many well-meaning people, whose religious education has been Christian and who know that Jesus was Jewish ethnically, find it hard to accept that he was a devoutly religious Jew. The opening chapters deal with the Jewishness of Jesus and the Gospel treatment of the trial and crucifixion, showing that it was not the Jews who killed Jesus – it was the Roman secular authorities in collusion with the Jewish religious authorities who were responsible for the crucifixion. From then on, the Church set about distancing Jesus from his Jewishness and this was followed by the development of Christian, Muslim and secular antisemitism (including that of Martin Luther and Karl Marx), which persists today but in new forms. Muriel?Seltman, a nontheist with no personal religious agenda, investigates the roots and causes of antisemitism to find out what this tells us about the rise of antisemitism in the modern world.

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5 out of 5 stars

A learning curve book and very educational, it delves into the root of Anti Seminitism and predjudices.

by Pam Thomas

5 out of 5 stars

I have been given a pre-release copy, which as I understand it has no strings attached; but the publisher would I'm sure like a review posted.
The Changing Faces of Antisemitism by Muriel Seltman is a book about the fact of antisemitism, which I had heard was still a cancer in the world. It’s a book that got my attention from the beginning; I am a Christian and one who sees in Judaism the faith that Jesus lived. I was born in 1945 a few months before the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan; and grew up in a community that was populated by many Jews, some of whom had, I believe, escaped the horrors in Germany. But I was not aware that there was still a problem. I know some of the things that the United States military people lived through to try and put a stop to the prejudice; and thought it was a resolved problem. So it was upsetting to hear that the problem persists, and more so that it seems not to go away.

I like the book; it wasn’t what I wanted to hear but rather what needed to be said to me. The author talks about the success of the Jews; she says it is due to the long history of education and that that history gave them much of their success. I saw that growing up; the Jewish kids were asked “where are you going to college?”, not “are you going to college?”. And those I knew and kept up with did well. Also the Jewish community or one of them, had Saturday school. Many of the Jewish kids went to school on Saturdays to learn Hebrew, which was at that time an all but dead language. Thank God for that; their journey brought back their language and gave to all believers a better knowledge of the Bible.

I recommend this book; I hope to buy a copy.

by John English

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