Troubador The Bible in a Day

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785890529

Format: Paperback

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The Bible in a Day


Are you familiar with the whole Bible? Have you read it all? Answers of “no” would not be surprising. It’s not uncommon for people to find the prospect of reading the whole Bible daunting. There are plenty of reading plans to be found on the internet, but, despite the variety of advice available, it can still remain a struggle to decide how best to approach the task. Having made a decision, sticking to the chosen plan is a challenge. It isn’t helped by the numerous Bible passages that don’t make for enjoyable reading; there are thirty-three ‘begats’ in Genesis 10 and 11 alone! It takes about 72 hours to read it all, and when you’ve finished, how much will you remember? Probably not much. So why spend that length of time trying to familiarise yourself with the Bible when you can do it in around just seven hours? Or, if you do it in one sitting, just a day. That’s what The Bible in a Day does for you. This is primarily achieved by a precis of the history books; the plot, if you will, from Genesis to Revelation. This is followed by the New Testament epistles to build on what has just been read about Jesus and the early church, then finally a return to the Old Testament for the Prophets and Poetry and Wisdom books. Of course, not all the Bible can be reduced to a precis. Once we move away from the history books, then the others vary from a precis to a summary, dependent on content. Read this book once and you will have a good feel for what’s in the Bible. Read it a few times and it will all become very familiar to you. This helpful and informative summary of the Bible will particularly appeal to new Christians who may be feeling overwhelmed, as well as those established in their faith who wish to refresh their knowledge.

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