Troubador The Bible: A Response to the Fundamentalist Approach

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788039031

Format: Paperback

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The Bible: A Response to the Fundamentalist Approach


An exceptional book, well researched and well presented in clear easy to understand language. It is important to remember that religious extremists do not own the faith communities they claim to belong to and that there is a good an necessary spectrum of orthodoxy and orthopraxy.
Highly recommended.

by Harrison Hamada

Written very well - a practical, in-depth and logical analysis / interpretation of the Bible and its history as well as a dissection of fundamentalism, shedding light on the issues and paradoxes of it and how these are harmful. A vital read and voice of reason, while teaching quite a lot in the process. I recommend highly to anyone with an interest in Christianity and biblical history.

by Emm Shuford

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