Troubador Shaped for Prayer Enjoyment

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788035798

eISBN: 9781788034197

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Shaped for Prayer Enjoyment


Can prayer become a favourite enjoyment? Absolutely. God is the guarantor of prayer joy and he invites us to a journey beyond duty and sameness. It means being stretched and changed, but we get to live the prayer enjoyment adventure he designed for us. Prayer is the core and the cutting edge of life in Christ and is much too important to lose through non-enjoyment. The Lord has given us a frame for enjoyable prayer: his constant presence. In that frame we become pray-ers marked by raised heart living and hunger for him. Part I of the book captures the “Wow!” of life in God’s company and explains how awareness of his presence can make a difference to prayer life. Part II gives the how-to of breaking new ground in enjoyable prayer. The Lord is the first speaker in the prayer relationship and learning to shape our praying as a response that agrees with him is a mix of desire and discipline. The reader gets to explore that mix by following four pathways for using Scripture to shape prayer. But even shaped praying can become dull and tired, unless we stretch our prayer language to give the heart a bigger expression. The section on visual language explains how. Praying together can be powerful and enjoyable when done in agreement. The agreement-building keys given will enhance corporate prayer, and can be used in large and small group settings. Growing in prayer enjoyment is not about self-indulgence; it’s a journey for God’s pleasure. The book climaxes with a call to live missional prayer lives, to be ‘pray-ers on the move’ who are passionate about voicing responses to the Lord in any place and at any cost, for the joy it brings him.

“Do I really need another book on prayer?” was my first thought.
I am so glad I quickly dismissed that thought and made a quality decision to make an investment into my own prayer life and journey of faith.

Whether you thoroughly enjoy prayer or whether you are honest enough to admit that you don’t really enjoy it as much as you think you should, I cannot recommend this wee gem of a book highly enough. It is interspersed with personal testimony of the reality of life on the mission field and stands testimony to a life that has been transformed through both the goodness and deep dealings of the Spirit of God.

Coming from a ‘raised heart’ that has found the pathway of a life of prayer which goes way beyond mere duty, it draws the heart of the reader upwards, inspiring an increased longing for a closer and deeper walk with the Lord.

It is simple to read, yet simply profound. You certainly won’t want to rush through it. After the first reading, you will want to start right at the beginning again in order to absorb it more fully, using the practical lessons provided.

As the author rightly says, “We need constant upgrades in the way the heart expresses itself to the Lord. We can’t expect to move into a deeper identification with God’s heart as long as our praying stays at basic greeting level.”

Buy it .... you won’t regret it! It will bring fresh levels of both understanding and enjoyment to anyone who has a core hunger for more of the reality of the ‘I am with you’ presence of God.
A great investment also for building a well-equipped prayer group.

by Irene Addison

David Macmillan

David Macmillan was a youth evangelist and pastor in South Africa before heading to Thailand with WEC International. After two decades in church planting and leadership he launched Wingspan. He and his wife travel internationally for Bible teaching, prayer life development and training in strategic prayer.

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