Troubador Saint Matthew’s Gospel

Released: 28/05/2021

ISBN: 9781800463295

Format: Hardback

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Saint Matthew’s Gospel

A Lawyer’s Translation from the Original Greek


And behold I am always with you—to the very end of the age! (Matthew 28:20) 

In this new English translation of St Matthew’s Gospel, Malcolm Bishop QC, offers a fresh and dynamic rendition of a much longer Gospel than he has attempted before. This is Bishop's fourth translation of the books of the New testament (after the Gospels of Saint John and Saint Mark and the Book of Revelation). His aim, as before, has been to use his lifelong experience as a barrister and Q.C. in the use of words to inform his translation. He has continued his practice as in his earlier works of translating the historic present as the present tense. This makes for liveliness and immediacy and produces the excitement the authors intended. 

It is Bishop's hope that Matthew’s extensive account of the teachings of Jesus, written at the dawn of Christianity, may capture today and for our generation the life affirming experience of encountering the Son of God. Matthew had been personally called by Jesus to be a disciple, had sat at his feet when he taught both publicly and privately, and had seen him perform miracles throughout his ministry. More significantly, Matthew had been witness to Jesus’s death and resurrection. In this light Matthew’s gospel would have been perceived as having superior authority than the writings of Mark, and the gentile physician, Luke, neither of whom belonged to Jesus’s original core of twelve apostles. Even the gospel of John, traditionally believed to have been written by a disciple who was even closer to Jesus than Matthew, does not seem to have usurped the primary position of Matthew's Gospel.

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