Troubador Return to God

Released: 01/03/2013

ISBN: 9781780884820

Format: Paperback

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Return to God

The ABC of 'set free by knowing the truth'


Return to God is a rare resource for uncommon Bible knowledge. It is one book which clearly identifies the Gospel of Grace as different from the tradition under the Mosaic Covenant, and yet strings them together without mixing them up. The book covers several areas of the Holy Bible that a great number of people shy away from. It is written to give glory to God, not to man. In explaining the hidden biblical truth, the book debunks several commonly held views about tithing, fasting, seed sowing, who of the spirit, soul and body is the real man, and more.

It further clarifies what Jesus Christ meant by ‘believe’ and who can be described as really born again. The book shows that man without Jesus Christ, and this world, are themselves darkness and that re-incarnation is a reality and not an eastern religion gimmick. The coverage by the book is huge and deep. In the end, a brief account of the evolution of Christianity is added. The book also shows that there is a connection between Jesus Christ and the Tree of Life.

Return to God, which unearths several hidden meanings of the Holy Bible teaching, will appeal to those who are interested in religion, and are seekers of God and the truth of the gospel of grace.

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This book is a clear revelation to all "Christians" today only if you read it with a change of mind and a humility.

by Paul Adams

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