Troubador Rescuing God From Religion

Released: 28/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785893896

Format: Paperback

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Rescuing God From Religion


Rescuing God from Religion is an exploration of God and encourages people to construct their own ideas of God free of religious doctrine. Whether or not ‘God’ exists, it is certain that ideas of God have been widespread throughout history. This book is written for those who profess to believe in God but are not totally sure and therefore waver according to their circumstances. Rescuing God From Religion allows readers to think about how God and religion can help them through life’s difficulties and intends to provide a resting place on the road to full freedom of thought. Religions provide comfort and consolation when required but more commonly they are used to support establishments in maintaining social control. Very often religion makes individuals feel guilty and therefore helpless which may lead to their non-participation in movements to eliminate injustice and campaigning for a better world. In this context questions are discussed such as: Why does religion exist??And why is it successful? Why are we here? Are we significant? When are symbols idolatrous? And when it is legitimate to use them? Rescuing God From Religion will appeal to those who are undecided about religion but who are open to the concept of believing. Readers are encouraged to reach out to construct their own personal idea of divinity through the suggestions made for contemporary interpretations of God. This book will empower readers and will construct moralities free of the history of religion.

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