Troubador Religion can be Fun

Released: 28/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785899478

Format: Paperback

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Religion can be Fun

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My religious life has been through many different phases: from early upbringing in a rather strict Protestant family; to a rebellion against the dogmatic teaching; to a falling away during most of my navy time; finally, to my introduction to a charismatic vicar of the Anglican church of the Hague; and getting used to a middle of the road church life in Harrogate. Church life in Norfolk for me lacked joy and emotional expression, though as a lay-leader I am able to bring a more light-hearted touch to a service. By compiling a number of my reflections, and combining them with other material, I would like this book to bring hope and joy into our lives, emphasizing that religion is not necessarily heavy and somber but can be fun. I was very pleased when Bishop Jonathan, Bishop of Lynn agreed writing a foreword to my book, giving me a strong support in my efforts to reach out. See what he is saying.

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Huib van Hoeven

Born many years ago(1926) in that most beautiful Dutch town Maastricht. He experienced intensely the German occupation.After the liberation he entered the Royal Netherlands Navy and served 30 full years in many quite often hazardous jobs.After retirement he ran his own consultancy business.In 1980 he moved to England (Harrogate) and later to Norfolk, where he was involved in many church-related projects and jobs.He has been a lay-leader for many years and has published two auto-biographical books "Sea Crossings" and "Sea Callings".He loves travelling, golf and bridge.

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