Troubador Other Friends of Jesus

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789014457

eISBN: 9781789010657

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Other Friends of Jesus

Challenging what you may have been told


The writer questions the traditional list of the first disciple/apostles of Jesus. Then he provides pen portraits of an alternative list found in the gospels, including an unmasking of the Beloved Disciple. He also demonstrates Jesus' networking skills and his underestimated gift of organization.

From the start there was not one Christian community, but several. Up to now history has been written by the surviving most successful. This book turns the verdict of history on its head. As Jesus taught, "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first." Like all John Henson's books this one will excite the enquirer and the open minded, and disturb the nests of fuddy-duddies, traditionalists and obscurantists. The work is the fourth in a series of books with 'Other' in the title.

The previous three were 'Other Temptations of Jesus'; 'Other Communions of Jesus'; and 'Other Prayers of Jesus', all of which have alternative takes on important themes in the gospels. Thus 'Other Friends of Jesus' takes an alternative look at who were Jesus' closest companions and truest friends.

I am grateful to John Henson for sending me a copy of his excellent book: "Other Friends of Jesus".
Henson's well written and stimulating book highlights the incredible networking skills Jesus made use of as he interacted with people of all faith and cultural backgrounds and all stratas of society. From Roman soldiers to Jewish resistance fighters; publicans, tax collectors, workers, lepers, the destitute, the wealthy, women, children, the living and the dead ... no-one was beyond the reach of Jesus longing to engage.

In a world that today is not shy of using faith as a pretext for division of class, gender, sexuality, race, culture and even faith itself - the reader is soberly reminded of what decent people intuit about Jesus life and ministry that led him to the iconic embrace at Calvary of not only the whole of humanity but the world itself along with the entire web of life.

by Rev. David Gray

This is a perfect read for students studying Christianity and the authority of Jesus, the Bible and the Church at A-Level or higher education. Often the text books stick to what the majority of Christians believe, whereas this shows a broader perspective and allows students to ask the questions they are some times afraid to ask.

Clearly written and engaging. While teachers perhaps won't manage to fit it in within the curriculum, it makes for ideal independent reading for those inclined to do so.

by Han

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