Troubador On the Lookout

Released: 28/05/2019

ISBN: 9781789017519

Format: Paperback

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On the Lookout


On the Lookout may be thought of as a contribution to the genre sometimes referred to as a ‘quest of the historical Jesus’, but not as scholars know it. It does not share the apparent view of New Testament scholars generally that the best one can hope to come across is ‘the most plausible view’ that can now be put forward by scholars about the man.  

There is sound evidence outside the New Testament, which is widely ignored, but which puts matters beyond doubt. It is time to move on. A quest of the historical Jesus is not a question of swallowing stories told be Mark, Luke and Matthew hook, line and sinker, but a search for salvage in the wreckage of your boat.  

Jesus deserves to be introduced to those who have not met him as someone worth knowing in himself, not just as a predecessor, or forerunner, of a religious entity known as Jesus Christ. Neuroscientists have been making it clear now for some time how the subconscious human brain works and what part emotion plays in our evaluation of those whom we meet. “Christians have deliberately shrouded the man Jesus in misconceptions,” the author says, “it is time to cut the cackle and give the man his due.”

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