Troubador Heralding Article 25

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785891410

eISBN: 9781785895524

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Heralding Article 25

A Strategy for World Transformation


In this compelling and forceful analysis of world problems, Mohammed Mesbahi argues that meeting the basic entitlements outlined in Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – for adequate food, housing, healthcare and social security for all – is imperative for the survival of humanity in the 21st century. But after so many years of political inaction, only the massed goodwill of ordinary people can bring about an end to poverty in a world of plenty through enormous, peaceful and continuous protests across all countries. The line of enquiry pursued in Mesbahi’s five-part study is therefore concerned with how to galvanise these unprecedented global demonstrations on behalf of the poorest members of the human family, millions of whom are needlessly dying as each year passes. Accordingly, the main subject of the book comprises a set of instructions for engaged citizens and the youth who are encouraged to lead the way in fomenting a huge united public voice – one that has the potential to reorder government priorities and empower the United Nations to truly represent the people of the world. Through a graceful and often poetic prose, the reader is guided to investigate the question of world transformation from psychological, moral and spiritual perspectives, as well as from a broader political and economic analysis. As Mesbahi elucidates, we ultimately need a new education that can equip the citizenries of every nation to think in terms of the One Humanity, with a universal understanding that the principles of sharing and cooperation are fundamental to a sustainable global economic system.

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