Troubador Free Your Emotional Brain

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838593742

Format: Paperback

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Free Your Emotional Brain

Think Again


Free Your Emotional Brain explores the built-in world of our emotions and how we can make best use of them. Based upon what neuroscience tells us about the raw machinery of our brains, it explores the pursuit of happiness and exposes the hidden power of spirituality. 

With humanity so often “filthy rich and mean as hell”, what has gone so terribly wrong? Looking at the subject of climate change: is there anything the least bit effective we can do, alone, or together? There is so much to do every day, and a lot to think about. 

This book hacks up the important things of life into manageable bytes. It enables you to see how much you have already discovered simply by putting two and two together even within our blinkered experience as we have gone along. It is about mental hygiene, and the importance of kindness, gentleness and other similar things which seem to have gone missing in our lives today. And it is “Cheap at half the price” in the words of a wise old street vendor in Luxor on the River Nile.

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