Troubador Bread and Roses

Released: 01/04/2013

eISBN: 9781780886381

Format: eBook

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Bread and Roses

Nontheism and the human spirit


Written for readers who have become disenchanted with institutional religion and whose life experience has led them to have serious doubts about the existence of any sort of God. A number of books have been published which brilliantly present the arguments of nontheism. Unfortunately too many of these have left readers with a view of nontheism as comfortless and dogmatic. In Bread and Roses, Muriel Seltman presents the the opposite viewpoint, taking as her starting point the lifetime joy and inspiration she has found in her love of mathematics and science. There are many other things that provide joy: music, nature, love and friendship, which can all provide a transformative spiritual delight beyond ordinary experience. In this book, the author aims to help readers recapture their souls from the religious institutions, which engage in ‘spiritual imperialism’. While recognising our deep need for comfort and consolation at various times, we need to recognise that it is not a good trade off to exchange one’s spiritual freedom for the short term comforts provided by the father figures of religious institutions.

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