Troubador Biblical Hebrew for All

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800464483

Format: Paperback

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Biblical Hebrew for All

Volume 1 (Beginner)


This is a uniquely different textbook for studying Biblical Hebrew. It was written by a fellow student who found that gaining some very basic knowledge of the language, dramatically and positively changed his previously held views of the Old Testament. In addition, the author realized that the language was actually not so difficult to master, and that someone with an average intelligence (like himself), could with a bit of dedication and effort, actually master the bulk of the material. He started teaching his friends in South Africa (and later in China). They were ordinary folk, from all walks of life, who also for some time wanted to gain a basic insight into the original language of the Old Testament, but did not want to in any way become involved in formal academic studies.


The author was delighted to find that the style and pace in which he presented the material, coupled with the their enthusiasm, resulted in these laymen and -women immediately making rapid and lasting progress. They agreed that the new insights gained - even from the first lesson - were fascinating, and they were excited by the prospect of learning more.


He soon realized that the textbooks available at that time were not written with these type of students in mind, and he started making hand-outs suitable for his special target population. With the encouragement of his mentor from a few decades earlier - to whom this book is dedicated - and another genius in the field, he perfected the notes technically, and they became the genesis of what is now presented in this publication.

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