Troubador A History of Time

Released: 28/04/2016

eISBN: 9781783066841

Format: eBook

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A History of Time

Volume One


Forget about global warming, population growth, alien invasion and asteroid strikes. Islamic prophetic traditions can predict the fate of 21st century civilisation. A History of Time: Volume One, based on Islamic Eschatology, displays a kaleidoscope of the world, offering an understanding of what is taking place around us. It unveils the meaning of the classic Islamic terms of Yajuj wa Majuj and Dajjal under the light of a comparative narrative of world history. It allows us to see where we stand in the flow of history, and where it is leading us. At one level, it is a critical study of the present malaise of the Muslim world and its interaction with the West. Using a more popular term, it is the history of a clash of civilisations that has been going on for the past 1400 years… This intriguing new book attempts to analyse the root causes of present historical undercurrents in the West and Muslim world. The UK based author uses Islamic prophetic traditions to predict the likely outcome of the current turmoil in the Middle East and a re-ignition of cold war in Ukraine from a defiance of the Empire by Russia. Drawing from a comprehensive compilation of over five-hundred prophetic traditions from 7th AD Century, the author reveals a timeline of foretold historical events, socio-economic and political trends, even scientific achievements from the past, right up to the present day. History is a divine thought and the sacred knowledge offers a multi-layered puzzle of time for the reader. A History of Time will captivate anyone interested in history, current affairs, geopolitics and the Middle East, and inspire anyone curious to understand the forces behind the chaotic state of the world.

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