Troubador Who Travels down this Narrow Road

Released: 01/03/2012

ISBN: 9781780880761

Format: Paperback

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Who Travels down this Narrow Road


There’s time ahead I?always thought... but there isn’t and there wasn’t.’

Henry Pluckrose died shortly before this book was sent for publication. He was in the process of selecting and ordering the poems during his final weeks.

Henry’s favourie hobbies of travelling and writing come together in his poetry. His illness, Parkinson’s, diagnosed in 2001, gave him time to reflect, but his interests – history, a fascination with old buildings, his appreciation of nature and music – remained unchanged and shine through in this collection of poems.

His recent writings, often composed on the spot, create a poetic diary, recording the places he visited and highlighting the colours and changes in the world around. He tinged his words with his imagination and his dreams.

Henry sought to motivate even the youngest through his works, and Who Travels Down this Narrow Road can be seen as a metaphor of life. Through his own considered journey, we are encouraged to reflect upon and to live life to the full, as he did.

Dulwich Journal

Dandelion Arts Magazine

Pulsar Poetry Magazine

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