Troubador Whispers of a Lesser God

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789015058

eISBN: 9781789011333

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Whispers of a Lesser God

With a Duck, a Dive and a Bob


Whispers of a Lesser God is the third in a collection of short, sharp, sarcastic satires that speak to the reader in a simple, effective fashion. They are especially designed for easy reading whilst making maximum impact. They all follow distinctly different paths, each story bizarre, unpredictable and mysterious. The reader is invited and induced to take part in the action as it unfolds, returning old characters while introducing new ones to the melee.

Maintaining complete originality, these stories will appeal to those who love cutting wit, uncomfortable honesty and pop culture, as well as those who enjoyed the first two collections: Spirits of a Lesser God, 2012 (9781780880846) and Visit from a Lesser God, 2014 (9781783062300).

Reader reviews from Visits from a Lesser God:

“He writes to no formula, no structure and no rules. Simply fast, furious and provocative writing. Refreshing and daring stuff.”

“Only a free thinker can write like this. His satires are flooded with original ideas and scenarios.”

“I like the way AR Forte not only speaks to the reader, but is also asking the reader uncomfortable and tantalizing questions.”

This is satire at its mysterious and thought provoking best. I read it in one session, because I could not put it down. Last Train From Ghost Town is a masterpiece in itself. Easily as good as Spirits Of A LesserGod and Visit From A LesserGod.

by Maureen O'Neil

What makes this so strong is that the characters are so believable, so realistic that they make each plot take on a life of its own. Each plot is so bizarre, so unpredictable that the reader doesn`t have an inkling to where they are being lead. Just like Spirits Of A Lesser God and Visit From A Lesser God.

by Sabrina Delgado

This is what I would call ´Right in your face writing `. Just like Spirits Of A Lesser God and Visit From A Lesser God the characters are so diverse and flawed that the reader has to follow them right to the end of each plot and scenario.

by Paul Jacobs

This is the one book that I have read lately which really stands out. Fascinating and lively stuff. Last Train From Ghost Town is so fast and emotive that the sheer drama of the final sequence of events leaves the reader in awe. AR Forte really knows what he`s doing with his style of writing.

by Barbara Manning

I would definately recommend this , if you are looking for something completely different. The characters could easily pass as next door neighbours, or simple, bland people that you know. And then they come alive with awesome reality.

by Gary Sharples

As with Spirits Of A Lesser God & Visit From A Lesser God ; The poem at the beginning of the book vertually implies that the reader is being followed, steered along and directed. Then he trips you up. Very shrewd and crafty writing.

by Darren Tweddle

The one thing that is sure and stands out about this writer is that the reader is not going to get bored and detached from the story-lines. Each one is a designed to keep the reader intrigued.

by Anita Hall.

This is a completely different style of writing. He speaks to the reader as if he is he is casually talking to an old pal. He is not trying to dazzle the reader with artistic, profound insights and observations.

by Steve Franklin

Well; the shorte story is alive and kicking with this book. AR Forte`s satires work like Aesops Fables in reverse.There are no moral messages here. Only the peculiar trials and tribulations of ordinary people.

by Danny Allen.

Characters that reflect foibles, idiosyncrasies and simple human emotions like AR Forte's mixed roster of players, are far more interesting than staged characters that are difficult to delve into. They literally draw you in.

by Dudley Weiss

I have and will be recommeding this book to anybody who loves cutting edge writing. Last Train From Ghost Town blew me away. The reader is literally running along with the action.

by Olivia Ingham

The two main players in Last Train From Ghost Town are women. This will appeal to women in particular. Because the way that they are brought together and fused spiritually is portrayed so powerfully that the reader is left chasing after them.

by Martina Andreas

I have all of AR Forte books, but this one is my favourite. His prose and themes are so spontaneous and easy to follow, because they are aimed directly at the reader. And his characters are all too human and sharply realistic.

by Pamela Todd

If you are a fan of HP Lovecraft, then I can without question recommend this. There are things and beings moving beyond the realms of the human conscious mind, that are completely outside of our everyday perceptions. I only discovered this writer from a friend who shares the same tastes in weird and bizarre literature as me.

by Adriana Muscat

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