Troubador We Cast Pale Shadows

Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838592608

eISBN: 9781838597825

Format: Paperback/eBook

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We Cast Pale Shadows

Selected Poems


We Cast Pale Shadows is a selection of poems that reflect James Rainsford’s thoughts and feelings during years of observing the world and the follies, foibles and fortunes of its varied and entertaining inhabitants. Inspired by the sombre and comic absurdities of life, the poems are at once moving, ironic, whimsical, erotic and often darkly humorous. His writing is immediately accessible and will resonate with all who’ve ever dreamed, hoped, loved, lost and laughed in the face of adversity. 

Throughout, one is frequently transported from shadow to sunlight, from spring to winter and from despair to hope. Reading these poems will take the reader on a journey through the eclectic mind of an insightful observer of the human condition. Believing that all themes or topics can be the inspiration for poetry, James has created poems in a variety of subjects and poetic structures. Hopefully, within the pages of this modest collection all readers will find something to engage, inspire and entertain them.   

A selection of my poetry entitled 'We Cast Pale Shadows' has been printed and is now in stock at Matador. It will be officially published on February 28th 2020. It will also be available as an e-book and can be ordered direct from the publisher and from Amazon, plus all UK bookshops.
This selection of poems illustrates my appreciation of the rich rhythms and natural cadences of the English language, which have inspired me to create poems of linguistic variety and varied poetical structures.
Within the pages of my poetry selection readers will discover poems which were created to engage, move, provoke, inspire and entertain.
'We Cast Pale Shadows' introduces a new and innovative voice in contemporary English poetry.

I am very pleased with my purchase We Cast Pale Shadows by James Rainsford. It is an eclectic anthology of poetry that takes the reader on a journey through the emotions, reflections, observations and enquiries of living and the human experience.
The author, James Rainsford, plays with the poetic form, literary devices and syntax to create an extraordinary set of verse that is intelligent, witty, emotive and poignant. Clearly a deep thinker, with exceptional literary ability, Rainsford takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster through the deep, dark and moody to anecdotal and observational to witty and playful to melancholy and remorseful. This collection of poetry is outstanding in its fusion of entertainment and inspiration. I highly recommend this book and challenge the reader not to weep, wonder and wallow in the intricacies of language balanced with the simplicity of ideas. A fabulous read!

by B Bell

James Rainsford

James Rainsford is the creative pseudonym of K. D. (Brian) Curtis, a writer, photographer, and sometime musician. He was raised in Essex and attended The University of Sussex, where he read Philosophy, English and History. He has variously been a seamen, welder, mushroom farmer, teacher, college lecturer, salesmen, and company director. He is married with two children and currently lives in Somerset, UK.

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