Troubador Visit from a Lesser God

Released: 28/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062300

eISBN: 9781789012163

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Visit from a Lesser God

With a kick, a punch and a knock


Visit from a Lesser God is the much-anticipated sequel to Spirits of a Lesser God. Some of the bizarre, flamboyant, larger-than-life characters – Twiss, George and Patel – who featured in A. R. Forte’s first collection of short stories make a comeback. Dave Parker also makes a guest appearance. Fans of the previous book will be able find out what happened to these characters, and see justice be done – to some of the dastardly people who were malicious in the first book. Each story takes a dramatic twist, so the reader will remain intrigued as to what happens next. The book is frantic with thought-provoking satires that forces the reader to think outside the accepted paradigms of society and behave in a manner that does not conform and fit in to the politically correct machine. As with A.?R.?Forte’s first book, this collection of stories will appeal to fans of Jonathan Swift and George?Orwell, fans of pop culture and those looking for something with a cutting edge.

This is even better than SPIRITS OF A LESSER GOD, because the reader is already familiar with the strangely attractive characters. And the new players are just as enticing and bizarre as the old ones.

by Pamela Randall

Easily as good as Spirits of a Lesser God.The writers characters are all too human. And the strange situations that they have to deal with and the drama they are put through is very thought provoking.

by Nichol Gregg

I like the way this writer turns tack with everthing that he
writes. Nothing that he writes is predictable. Shrewd, compact and sarcastic satires, Love his style..

by Matthew Barrett

I like the way the writer has re-intrduced some of the characters from Spirits Of A lesser God, ( some of which I assumed must of been killed, or gone missing in action,)back into completely different scenarios.His characters are so realistic,so human,that it brings the plots and narrative to life.

by Lee Gordon

Like the way AR Forte,moves easily through the sublime to the real, casually and smoothly.Hope that he writes some more in his strange style.

by Sue Collins

I like the way AR Forte not only speaks to the reader , but is also asking the reader uncomfortable and tantalizing questions.

by Dee Page

All of Forte's characters are 'Outsiders'. There is a peculiar attraction to the outsider. Forte dumps his players into different dramas and scenarios and lets the reader observe how they negotiate their plight.

by Paul Johnson

AR Forte crams a lot, throws a lot and packs different and cunning aspects into his satires. I hope he follows this one up.

by Bettie Ryan

He writes to no formula, no structure and no rules. Simply fast, furious and provocative writing. Refreshing and daring stuff.

by Lisa Harrington

Both poems With a Blink A Wink And A Nod as the introduction to Spirits Of A Lesser God ; And With A Kick A Punch And A Knock as the introduction to Visit From A Lesser God, worked like a match lighting a torch to grab my interest, then lead me into this bizarre writing style.

by Victor Finlayson

My take on AR Forte's work, taking both collections as a whole. He writes as though he is casually commenting on what his players are up to. And whatever they are doing, whatever mischief and skulduggery they are up to, and whatever injutice they are suffering, is just being reported by an indifferent observer. Brutally honest writing.

by Darren Tweddle

I have recommended this writer to a couple of friends,who have a penchant for the weird and bizarre. When asked what genre, subject matter and content his work contains.The only thing I can tell them is ;You have to read all of his work to get the gist and angle of his style. Because I don't know of any writer that he can be compared with, ragarding style.

by Paula Hayes

Most of Forte's characters are like lost children, cast out into a world and society that they cannot understand, or comprehend.Then he bombs them with hypocrisy, cruelty and all sorts of emotional traumas, which they have to contend and negotiate with.There is nothing 'Mamby Pamby'about this stuff.He is writing like a man possessed.

by Michael Tyler

Short, Sharp, shocking and lively writing.Each piece works like one of those old Pop songs that you can't get out of your head.

by Samantha Doyle

The big 'Chunky', carefully scripted and clinically edited novel may still be King.But for the reader looking for something completely'Off the wall'and off balance, then I would recommend this writer.

by Douglas Carter

Forte is unkind to his characters. But at least they are shamelessly realistic.He is being coldly clinical about his perspective on human nature.His writing style is very fast and convoluted. In my opinión he has weaponized the satire.

by Scott Mc Manus

I had to read both Spirits Of A Lesser God and Visit From A Lesser God twice to get the real gist depth of this writers style.Nothing he writes is predictable, or one track.

by Jayne Bates

I had to read both works twice, because each piece is haunted by cryptic clues, which are shrewdly planted in every theme.The writer appears to be hinting that something, or some being is watching over us.But there is no hint whatsoever whether that being is benevolent, bad, or indifferent.

by Kate Quayle

Only a free thinker can write like this. His satires are flooded with original ideas and scenarios.

by Charles Lester

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