Troubador Unsung

Released: 28/05/2020

ISBN: 9781838594152

Format: Paperback

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‘Unsung’ is a collection of poetry that spans 20 years. Feelings are liberally scattered across the pages making this feel like a very personal collection.

The collection is reflective and strikes a melancholic tone at times, however as much as there is dark within the book, light finds a way in – always in the reliability of Nature – whether that is in the light of a moon or the promise of a sunrise.

The presence of time is a constant reminder of how temporary we can feel and sometimes how permanent the landscapes in our lives feel. At its core, this collection highlights a theme of growing - in the passing of time, and watching those close to us change and age - and growing in terms of seeking balance and light, resolving and learning on a personal level.

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