Troubador Unsung

Released: 28/05/2020

ISBN: 9781838594152

Format: Paperback

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Unsung’ is a collection of poetry that spans 20 years and landmarks a journey from dark dweller to light seeker, as well as exploring the author’s connection to Nature – both Environmental and Human. Feelings are liberally scattered across the pages making this feel like a very personal collection.  

The poems are often lyrical, in fact there are some song lyrics ‘disguised’ as poetry in this anthology. The collection steps into ‘topical’ subjects including reproductive freedom and gun control, and has a melancholic tone when writing about the confusion of unrequited love and processing grief. However, as much as there is dark within the book, light finds a way in – always in the reliability of Nature – whether that is in the light of a moon or the promise of a sunrise.

The presence of time is a constant reminder of how temporary we can feel and sometimes how permanent the landscapes in our lives feel.  At its core, this collection highlights a theme of growing – growing up in terms of age - and watching those close to us change and age - and growing up in terms of seeking balance and light, resolving and learning on a personal level.  

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