Troubador Twenty Tiny Tales

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590345

eISBN: 9781838596880

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Twenty Tiny Tales

and a Few Tails


Twenty Tiny Tales is a collection of twenty-two moralistic, humorous and heart-warming short stories. Some are inspired by the freedom and music of the 1960s, others are tales about wildlife, birds, dogs, caravans– even motorcycles. Let the stories transport you to the rural settings of the West Coast of Scotland and Northumberland.

‘Flower Power’ has all of the charm of the Sixties– a time of pacifism, love and euphoria, and follows the story of Clara and her florist business. ‘The Museum of Childhood’ follows Sadie, a twenty-two year old graduate who secured a temporary post at The Museum of Childhood, an old four storey building full of childhood related memorabilia, with a ghostly secret.

Twenty Tiny Tales will appeal to dog lovers, and readers who enjoy emotional, moving reads with the power to transport you to an array of settings and characters. The stories feature captivating plots, alluring depictions of the characters involved and most have a unique, shocking twist.

The Northern Echo

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Darlington Today

This was a great read - it gave me goosebumps, laughs and tears! If you like variety, and twists & turns you'll enjoy this book. I'd thoroughly recommend you give this a go.

by Lisa Thornton

I couldn’t put the book down, every story was well drawn and her descriptive powers make one think that one was actually there. This to my mind is the best an author can achieve in their reader.
Having not long visited the Edinburgh Museum of Childhood with my Grandsons I felt that the description of the dolls gallery was spot on. My youngest Grandson actually walked into the gallery and promptly ran straight through because it unnerved him so. I also thought at the time that I would not have wanted to be there after dark.
Ms Bradley captured those feelings exactly.
The other stories had me captivated and many had the ring of truth about them.
Ms Bradleys’ work should be available for a larger audience and I for one cannot wait for the next Elaine J Bradley to be aired.

by Reader review

Thoroughly enjoyed this varied collection of short stories. I loved the way the author's skill with chosen use of descriptive language and detail; along with her personal passion shone through the pages, transporting the reader to the heart of each story/character/dilemma and plot.

I felt drawn in and completely engaged in the process; experiencing the full range of emotions as the writer cleverly invites the reader to problem solve or put their own perspective and life experiences to 'play.'

How often I was totally surprised as the story closed, or was left with a thought provoking decision to make as to the outcome.

Delightful book. A perfect Christmas gift for valued friends indeed!

by Carol

Entertaining and humorous.
Easy reading, always a twist in the tail!

by James Fryer

I was really interested in reading Elaine''s book when she told me that she was having a book published. This is the first time I have read a book where I know the author. I know that she loves dogs so the theme of most of the stories was not a surprise!
What was a surprise was the endings of most of the stories. The stories were all very well written, very descriptive where needed and gave the reader lots of information. Because I am of a similar age, lots of the stories, especially "The Museum of Childhood", brought back lots of memories of my own childhood. Then in "Flower Power", the titles of the songs mentioned, reminded me of dances I attended. I could continue like this with most of the stories.
For a first book, I highly commend Elaine and look forward to her next. The only adverse comment that I could say is that I was just getting into a story when there was the surprising twist and the story ended, but that's probably just because I am used to reading full novels of at least 180 pages. As a first book, I can understand that short stories was the way to start. How about a longer novel next?

by Val

Brilliant book enjoyed reading it. It made you feel like you were in each story. Some funny and some sad. Enjoyed it being short stories.

by Bridget Morris

Elaine J. Bradley

My name as a child was Elaine Joyce Thew. I attended Vane Road Primary School followed by Ferryhill Grammar Technical School. Having achieved my "O" and "A" levels I had a place at St. Hild's C. Of E. Teacher Training College, and qualified to teach in 1976. I did supply teaching for a while, then unable to achieve a full time teaching position locally, I entered the Civil Service. I worked for the Department for National Savings for 17 years, then the Department for Education for 11 years, during which time I was married and my name was Elaine Hunter.

By 1999 I had become a Senior Executive Officer and Internal Auditor, then in 2004 I decided to take Voluntary Redundancy.

I had always had dogs since I was 10 years old and my main hobby was dog obedience training and shows, so I decided as I loved dogs, to open my own dog care business: Canine Carers, which ran until 2015 when I decided to retire. I remarried in 2014 and became Elaine J. Bradley and have spent much of my time travelling and writing.

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