Troubador Twelve Thrilling Tales

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Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893575

Format: Paperback

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I really enjoyed this book. The author takes people we can all initially relate to but then ramps up the drama of their current setting so that we're not aware of what's about to happen and we feel grateful we're not them. I read the book in one sitting.

by S.J. Thomas

I read this book and really enjoyed it. My favourite story was Diamonds are Forever.
When will this authors next book be out?

by G. Cannon

Twelve thrilling tales about the darker side of modern life,some with added touches of humour.Tales that include themes such as fraud,poison pen letters,arson and murder by a variety of differant methods.

This is my thoughts on the stories

The Brown Sugar Cafe - Intriguing story with a very good twist ****

The Murder Mystery Weekend From Hell - Always be careful what questions you ask and to whom you ask them ****

Garden Makeover - Not what I expected,didn't see that twist coming ****

Double Deal in Nice - Don't ever tangle with the Russians ***

One of Those Nights at the Hotel California - I really enjoyed this one,two twists in one story *****

A Birthday to Remember - Mmmmm, I think she got away with that one *****

A Recipe For Murder - Fans of cooking programs will love this story that has a jaw dropping final twist *****

Bicycle For Sale - I like to ride my bicycle but not if its a ladies blue bicycle and there is a silver ford focus in the area.I liked this story *****

Writer's Circle -I felt a lot of sympathy for one of the characters in this story and no I am not talking about the main character Beth.This was my favourite story *****

Burning Desire - This is quite a sad story but it was nice to see an arrogant idiot get what he deserved

As with any short story collection I enjoyed some of the stories more than others but there is an interesting mix of stories and I'm sure there is something in this book that will keep thriller readers happy.

by Nicki Richards

Loved reading Twelve Thrilling Tales. The first story in the book Diamonds are Forever had a very good ending, which I didn't see coming. I also loved One of Those Nights at the Hotel California even more! Very cleverly written, which led me to the wrong conclusion. Overall, an entertaining, yet thrilling read.

by Lynne Owen

An excellent collection of short crime stories.
Not a bad selection of drama and action! All the stories took me about an hour to read and have a satisfying twist in each tale. This book would be perfect for people who only have an hour to themselves once the wife/husband and kids have gone to bed or on the commute to work. Although they were all short stories, the characters were well developed and each story had its own unique setting.
Rita Cheminais is the author of twenty previous best selling academic books on special educational needs. Twelve Thrilling Tales is her first collection of crime and thriller short stories and, given this total change in genre, I am quite surprised at how good the stories were. I am hoping that Rita may turn her hand to writing a full-length crime thriller because I prefer this to short stories.
As with any short story collection I enjoyed some of the stories more than others, but there is an interesting mix of stories here and I’m sure there is something in this book that will keep all thriller readers happy. For fun I marked each story out of 10 and the lowest was a 7, and the highest was a 9.5, with an average of just over 8 and this score nicely sums up how good this collection is.

by Breakaway Reviewers

Rita Cheminais

I have spent thirty seven years working as a teacher, OFSTED Inspector, Special Educational Needs Adviser, a Freelance Education Consultant with my own business, a national keynote speaker and as a respected author of twenty best selling academic books on special education. I decided on retirement, to take a complete change in career direction, by becoming a TV/Film Extra, a promotional model, a voice over for commercials, and an author of crime thriller fiction. I enjoy in my spare time, reading, painting and drawing, getting to grips with social media, travelling abroad, walking, cycling, gardening, attending a drama academy, and three local creative writing groups in Liverpool.

Rita Cheminais Author

Rita Cheminais at her book signing at Pritchards Bookshop
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