Troubador Tuning In

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784624927

Format: Paperback

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Tuning In


The poems in this volume have been selected from the author’s far larger collection, written over many years. Linked thematically, the poems are based on the great freedom enjoyed by the author in travelling to play her violin. Coming from a family that loves travelling and learning about other cultures, music has given the author the opportunity to meet and play with musicians wherever she goes. Often, other musicians have a unique outlook on life, and those who play to earn a living have different values to many that she meets in other walks of life.

Since a teenager, Helen has had some ill health, but luckily has managed to stay well for most of the time. Illness, she feels, makes her more empathetic to others and perhaps, through her poetry, she has given a voice to those who tend to hide their illness from others.

Interests in travel and different religions inform Helen’s poetry, where she highlights the similarities as opposed to differences, especially in Christianity and Islam.

Social Affairs

Connacht Tribune

A truly beautiful book. Accessible, moving, captivating poetry. Highly recommend.

by Máire Gallagher

A beautiful Book of Poetry, I read her poems over and over again and have given copiesof it to my friends. Keep up the good work Helen

by Mairead Rabbitte

I really enjoyed this book. The poetry reminds me of Patrick Kavanagh's and Seamus Heaney's. I liked the fact that all poems are based on personal experience- whether it be love of music and its power to heal, the joys of Travel or how much little little things can help in illness. Helen shows great insight and empathy into human nature in all its guises. I like to take up the book and flip through its pages. Now I am looking at "Remedy" page 53- it speaks to my soul.

Rita Geraghty

by Rita Geraghty

A most inspiring collection of poems - Straight from the heart

by Mary O'Regn

Helen I love your book of poetry..some of the poems touched my heart strings..looking forward to your next collection. You are now like the butterfly relased...with many more poems in your wings!

by maidoyle

Helen Rabbitte

Helen Rabbitte was born in Galway, and grew up in Letterkenny in the northwest of Ireland. She

works as a civil servant and also enjoys playing mostly traditional music on

her fiddle. She has played in festivals and towns all over Ireland and occasionally

abroad. She has travelled widely all over the world, meeting many musicians

and people from all walks of life, from which she gets her inspiration.

She has had poems published in magazines in Ireland and England and also in anthologies.

She has won prizes in competitions such as Allingham and Charles Macklin.

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