Troubador The Unencumbered Woman

Released: 28/04/2020

ISBN: 9781838592585

Format: Paperback

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The Unencumbered Woman


Caroline and her ex-army husband Mike embark on a trekking holiday in Nepal, where they meet Sandra, a divorcee in her sixties, and Jane, a single woman now free after the death of her elderly mother. When unexpected events leave Mike and Jane unable to complete the trek, Caroline and Sandra continue without them.

During the trek without Mike, Caroline is surprised by the uplift in her mood. She is deeply affected by her experiences and, returning to the hotel where Mike and Jane have been recovering, Caroline is a changed woman.

Faced with family problems, Caroline and Sandra acknowledge that their lives need to change and some very difficult decisions must be made. To be an unencumbered woman comes with a price, but are they willing to pay.

This novella is framed by a collection of seven short stories, each of which explore women’s relationships with power. The short stories explore female struggles with sexuality, political ambitions, revenge and living with the consequences of their actions.

Interesting story lines making you realise how easily women are submerged into doing what everyone around them wants them to do rather than what they want to do. Expect to be surprised, expect to think. Really recommend that everyone reads it, and not just women.

by Jan

I really enjoyed this book - individual tales fuelled with wine and sex! The last story was an interesting insight into the needs and personal discoveries of both the women involved and the man.


by Jill

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