Troubador The Quiet Woman

Released: 28/06/2022

ISBN: 9781803131979

Format: Paperback

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The Quiet Woman


Award-winning poet and author Helen Mort describes the collection of poetry, paintings, artwork, and ideas found in The Quiet Woman as, “life-changing and affirming, alive to grief but full of defiance”. The comedy screen-writer Maggie Rowe describes the book and its author as, “a miracle”.

Emily’s 40 poems and 40 pieces of art grapple openly with and embrace questions of womanhood, faith, doubt, motherhood, radical theology, suicide, embodiment, female empowerment, abuse, domesticity, mysticism, ecology, love, loss, religion, inclusion, imperfection, spirituality, pain, deconstruction, self-love, and surrender.

The Quiet Woman is for anyone who is reaching for words that bring comfort and hope. It’s for anyone seeking to redefine the traditional image of a Quiet Woman. A woman who is Quiet because she’s breathing in, filling her lungs, ready to roar. A woman who is Quiet because she doesn’t need to ask for outside validation. A woman who is Quiet because she’s busy getting the rest she needs in order to thrive. A woman who is Quiet because she’s focused on listening intently to her own voice.

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