Troubador The Poetry Bug Strikes Again

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781789013375

Format: Paperback

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The Poetry Bug Strikes Again


'The Poetry Bug Strikes Again' is the much awaited follow up to the 'The Poetry Bug'. The poems enable children to dream the world through different eyes. It gives a voice to how they feel about themselves, their loved ones and the exciting, confusing and scary world in which they find themselves. 'The Poetry Bug Strikes Again' is, above all, playful.

It recognises that we are all explorers and that word play, self expression and humour can be means by which this exploration can take place. This book recognises humanity's eternal quest to understand ourselves, others and our world. In a world of conformity it enables us to identify and celebrate diversity, in bite size, age appropriate chunks.

This book is a good book and it has lots of different varieties of poems to choose from.

by Korbyn

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