Troubador The Most Hated Man in the World

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016895

Format: Paperback

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The Most Hated Man in the World


A unique and poignant poetry collection which with raw honesty, seeks to tell the truth.

The poems are insolent, funny and clever. They are also compassionate and kind. The collection wants its readers to think, to question, to be daring. There are poems about God and poems about man, there are poems about death and poems about truth, poems of sorrow, and poems about how we should live. It sneers at the pompous and self-important, at those who think they have an innate right to be in charge and who hate to be questioned.

“So easy it would be to lose myself in despair of mankind,
The vile and ceaseless hypocrite, with its mafias, gangster
Governments and insufferable religions. Man was born in
Chains, captured in a social concrete that rarely softens.”

– ‘When I Think Of Giving Up.'

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