Troubador The Moon is Following Me

Released: 01/03/2010

eISBN: 9781788032339

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The Moon is Following Me


This collection of short stories recalls an era when the village was the centre of life in the Caribbean island of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Nostalgic, but not sentimental, these stories are based on real events and relate the experiences of a range of characters striving to make a name for themselves; they are people in search of a larger stage.

The title story, The Moon is Following Me, paints a picture of school life as it was in the seventies. It features a headmaster who is fond of rum and a teacher who works for half a day only, but it is essentially a story of young love and hope.

Take for Two relates the story of Archie, who, on the night he is leaving on a contract to America, is asked by his sweetheart for a ‘special dress’ as a present. When he returns three months later with a wedding dress, he is met with disappointment.

Spanish Ladies is based on the murder of a 17-year-old by a preacher. Even now, from this distance, it is painful to recall. The fourth story tells of an unlikely love, brought about by music, and the final story, Taste For Freedom, is an attempt to recreate the early years after the Emancipation.

The stories are at times funny and unsettling but rarely sad. These are ‘real’ people, individual, ambitious, mad, vengeful, naïve: they are like villagers everywhere.

I have published 3 books, The Moon is Following Me (2010), Feather Your Tingaling (2012), and am about to launch
Cassie P Caribbean PI, the first in a series introducing Cassie Providence, the Caribbean's first female Private Investigator.

A selection of reviews for my books

The Moon is Following Me ‘Browne has a gift for creating memorable and appealing characters and for placing them in unlikely situations.’ Maeve Tynan, Wasafiri

‘Browne delights in making his characters swim against the currents of their lives. He couples this with a deft turn of phrase and an eye for detail that makes otherwise commonplace moments sparkle.’

Ann Morgan, St Vincent & the Grenadines: journeys

Feather Your Tingaling ‘Browne’s use of folklore as a key thematic tool laces each story with an element of other-timeliness as well as contemporaneous relevance.’
Natsayi Sithole, Wasafiri

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Cecil Browne

I was born in St Vincent and the Grenadines and came to England in 1970 to join my parents. I was Head of Maths at a Further Education college in West London for 10 years. A passionate Caribbean man, I love cricket, soca, reggae, in fact all things West Indian. I was a half-marathon runner, I enjoy solving cryptic crosswords, and am passionate about Caribbean history. I am married and we have two daughters, Ama, 33, and Sable, 18. My short story, Coming Off the Long Run was published in So Many Islands, an anthology of writing from the Caribbean, Indian and Pacific, in London in 2018.

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