Troubador The Looney Bin Blues

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785892271

eISBN: 9781785895852

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Looney Bin Blues


The Looney Bin Blues is a collection of poetry inspired by the author’s current country of residence, Mexico, as well as his hometown of Watford in England. The collection covers a broad range of subject areas and themes, from the forming of Mexico’s Constitution after its 1917 Revolution, to Cooke’s take on secularism, to a tribute to his former place of study, Thames Valley University, and a touching ode to his partner Maricruz and her two sons. It also takes a controversial attitude to prejudice and discrimination against mental illness, citing examples of great figures in history who were also mentally ill, such as the poet William Blake and the singer Amy Winehouse. The Looney Bin Blues will appeal to those looking for an irreverent yet thought-provoking volume of poetry, plus fans of Tristram’s previous books.

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The cliche image of the 'mad' poet is a firm favorite among poetry lovers, and this new book from tristram Cooke, his 4th so far, fits snugly into this category. Everything is relative, of course, and the poet here delivers his discours with one eye on the pot, and the other eye up the chimney, to coin a phrase. William Blake, John Clare, Amy Winehouse, Jeremy Corbyn, Simon Bolivar; he is in good company in many of the new poems, and the question is, is he on their side, or are they on his? Whatever, on reading these poems, we do get the impression of the poet's deep involvement on a personal level, and his experiences ride the crest of the waves throughout. This adds a depth which might be found wanting, from a lesser experience. All in all, a great collection of personal and universal poems, which deserve a thorough reading and acclaim, and we can only hope the next collection will be a fitting continuation.

by Peter Dietrich

I honestly love this one, of the reasons why I choose to read it was because of the cover (of course) but principal because the inspirtation behind, there's themes and places that I just can't pass without see, and this book refers to both of them.

by Diana Alvarez

A wonderful read with great philosophical points. It'll make you think.

by J. Aislynn d'Merricksson

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