Troubador The House is on Fire and The Kids are Eating Ice Cream

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789018660

eISBN: 9781838599805

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The House is on Fire and The Kids are Eating Ice Cream


‘Original and wholly absorbing, The Devil Gets Lonely Too proves nothing short of exceptional as Langton introduces us to his particular brand of eclectic prose.’ – BookViral 

In this sequel to his debut collection, Thomas R. Langton writes a contrasting collection about a heart burning with passion and renewed with life. Covering a wide variety of subjects, from social commentary to relationships to myths and legends, this book is dark poetry unlike any other. 

 The beauty and hatred of the world is there for the taking in this melancholic, dark and downright gritty collection.

Pulsar Poetry Magazine

That's Books

Varied range of topics are addressed in this collection with a slither of darkness in a majority of the poetry. The poems had a very modern feel with some older and classical allusions thrown in the verse for good measure. Some of them also reminded me of Bukowski's works a little.

Very honest and raw collection. Liked it a lot.

by Kat

Thomas R. Langton shows a playful working with language in these poems. They brim with honesty, humor, and life.

by Dr J Reads

The House is on fire and the kids are eating ice cream is a great sequel of awesome poetry! Most can relate! Glad to own and have read this.

by K Smith

This is a very honest and raw collection of poetry that may not resonate with everyone. I found it to be a very enjoyable collection to read. Highly recommend!

by Cristie

I really enjoyed the poems in this book. A wide variety for different emotions, moods, feelings. The author has a wonderful way with words. I recommend this book.

by Rachel

I think I've said before that I like poetry but I am not an expert. I can only tell you how the poetry makes me feel, and boy did this book make me feel. Typically when I start reading poetry it takes me a while to get used to the flow and style of an author. This causes me to read each poem multiple times before I can fully grasp how I feel about the poem and move on. With Langton my emotions and thoughts were immediate. There were multiple times where I had to stop and look around because Langton had to be watching me in order to know that I would connect with his poems so instantly. I felt like as I continued to read the poems, myself and the author were connecting and becoming friends, but not in that creepy way where I actually think that.

There were times where I wondered how he knew me so well, times that I actually felt tears come to my eyes, even if they did not drop and other times where I thought 'what happened Langton?'. When I found out this was the sequel to a debut book of poems I knew I immediately needed to buy his first book and read that. This author will be going on my authors to watch list because I do not want to miss a book.

by Kimberley

The House is on fire and the kids are eating ice cream is a great sequel of awesome poetry! Every word is a piece of art and i really enjoyed it.

by Franziska

Thomas R. Langton

Thomas R. Langton from Liverpool, author & poet.

The Devil Gets Lonely Too is his first published work, a poetry collection of dark, twisted, and cynical themes. He hopes to release many more after it. The House Is On Fire & The Kids Are Eating Ice Cream is his second book, a sequel to The Devil Gets Lonely Too and continues the dark, urban, & raw themes.

Author; Thomas R. Langton
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