Troubador The Flames of Love

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Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789017663

eISBN: 9781789019650

aISBN: 9781803138824

Format: Paperback/eBook/Audio Book

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The Flames of Love

Poetry of the Journey of Divine Love


A collection of love poetry about the Divine Love journey and the timeless principles of Traditional Wisdom.

This book of mystical poetry is written for the lover inside all. A modern day Rumi, according to some readers, Suhail has journeyed to the secret garden where the Divine Masculine and Feminine rejoice, in union, ignited by the celebration of their love. And has returned to share his poetic findings here in Flames of Love

Using the language of the lovers, Suhail’s poetry conveys that this secret garden is not an ephemeral fairy tale; rather it exists in the space between, which resides within us all. Where the great love story lives on, to ignite our own. 

Suhail’s writing helps us all to continue to expand in the appreciation of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.. Through its poems readers are reminded where the flames of true love reside, knowing that this love is eternal, and can never be extinguished. And through Suhail’s honouring of the Divine Feminine, it permits female readers to find safety and permission to honour their own Femininity, with every reading, strengthening this relationship in the external. 

This magical book of poetry is more than words. For those who are open, it is an opportunity to reunite with your beloved, over and over again. Nourished by Suhail’s translation, this book will spark your imagination; the infinite space where lovers’ passion cannot be contained. 

Written by the author of Many Mansions the Amazon number three best selling spiritual book.

During these bleak times we need to be reminded that there is a celestial love that rises like a phoenix in spite of the pitfalls & curves life brings. Suhail's mystical, magical words are a balm for all who are looking for divine, spiritual love. His beautiful words act as a respite - an eternal light.
"In a world where shallowness is deified
Miraculous that even a few "old souls" have survived. For every soul perennially deserves the chance
To be bathed in the beauty of Love's eternal glance."- Suhail Mirza

by Ellen Diane

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