Troubador The First Day of Spring

Released: 28/04/2014

ISBN: 9781783063772

Format: Paperback

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The First Day of Spring

Il Primo Giorno Di Primavera


This book is the first complete translated collection of Roberto Sanesi’s poems. With the addition of 7 previously unpublished poems, the book features a series of critical contributions regarding his work. All the poems in this book highlight and enforce the themes of becoming, circularity and rebirth that Sanesi aimed to consign to future poetic generations. Apart from the poems, the book is made up of three further contributions. The first one, entitled Crossing the Century, is an attempt to introduce the reader to Roberto Sanesi, to his symbolic–visionary imagery and to his quest for mystery. And, obviously, the essay also discusses Sanesi’s importance as witness of the long Novecento. The second contribution is a rare gem. This book features translations of poetry and in an attempt to establish an ideal dialogue between Sanesi and his translator, there was probably nothing better than hearing from the poet himself what he thought about translating poetry. In 1998 Sanesi met Edwin Morgan – the unforgettable Scottish ‘Makar’ – in Edinburgh. They were involved in a round table at Strathclyde University, where they spoke freely and at length of poetry and translation. The voices of two of the greatest poets of our contemporary age were recorded back in the Eighties and have, thus far, gone unheeded. Professor Carlo Sini concludes the volume with an afterword. His essay reflects with affectionate lucidity on Sanesi’s ‘musical thoughts’, thus drawing a fascinating picture of the deeply philosophical roots of his poetry.

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