Troubador The Devil Gets Lonely Too

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788038843

Format: Paperback

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The Devil Gets Lonely Too

Poetry from 2013-2016


The Devil Gets Lonely Too is the debut collection of poetry by Thomas R. Langton. Containing a wide range of themes, the book offers everything from hope to despair in an exploration of the darker side of life.

Using a colloquial style, Thomas writes a succinct collection with poems about happiness, depression and the monotony of everyday life. This work explores more serious subject matter, including bringing light to deeper issues such as anxiety and suicide.

Themes range from love and lust to happiness, heartache and depression. Thomas punctuates his poetry with references to biblical and historical figures to help illustrate his writing.

A dark, twisted and at times sobering read, The Devil Gets Lonely Too takes inspiration from the work of Charles Bukowski and George Orwell, and from the music of Patti Smith. Thomas’ book stems from a lifelong passion for writing and a love of gritty literature. The book will appeal to fans of poetry, especially those that enjoy mature and honest literature.

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This is an amazing collection of poetry from a talented young writer. 'The Devil Gets Lonely Too' will take you to the depths of the abyss and serenade you in surreal imagery. Offering comfort, beauty, sinister laughs and sobering thoughts in an all consuming darkness.

by Michael

An amazing collection of somewhat dark, yet uplifting collection of poems, that at times nearly reduced me to tears and in the next moment brought a wry smile. The variety and compelling nature of the verse gives the reader an insightful look at the mind of the Author. Highly recommended.

by Colin

I cried a lot through this book some of it spoke to me, some of it seemed familiar. I finished it with a smile you make such lovely poetry! I wish you the best of luck for the future, I'll be waiting for the second book :)

by Ashley

Stunning and thought provoking debut, from the despair of love and jealously to witty and charming. Even a sound track to a mis-spent youth, worth investing in this fascinating young author.

by M Walling

An excellent first publication of original,sometimes funny and modern poems. “The devil gets lonely too” is a truly stunning collection of modern poetry.

by john price

Very gritty and sometimes disturbing, sometimes thought provoking , but very good read

by Riane

Thomas R. Langton

Thomas R. Langton from Liverpool, author & poet.

The Devil Gets Lonely Too is his first published work, a poetry collection of dark, twisted, and cynical themes. He hopes to release many more after it. The House Is On Fire & The Kids Are Eating Ice Cream is his second book, a sequel to The Devil Gets Lonely Too and continues the dark, urban, & raw themes.

Author; Thomas R. Langton
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