Troubador The Departure of Solitude

Released: 28/07/2014

ISBN: 9781784620172

Format: Hardback

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The Departure of Solitude


This book may appear plain on the outside, but it is full of drama and emotion – captured in the most basic human form. The Departure of Solitude gives a voice to the stories of ordinary people, when voices failed them. Touching on the entire spectrum of human emotion, Tony Webb’s writing covers a lifetime of love, loss, hopes and dreams in a collection of poetry, fictional and real life stories. Is it really possible to see and feel so much – to be tested to the point where life is all but a fruitless memory, empty and void of all hope..? The tales in The Departure of Solitude allow the reader to escape, seeing the world through the eyes of another. For a moment, we are able to experience what it is like when life takes twists and turns that we don’t see coming ...And still be able to say ‘I lived’, ‘I loved’, ‘I lost and survived’, but most importantly ‘I can still smile’. Every story within this book is drawn from the life experience and memories of Tony Webb. Written with an underlying theme of hope, The Departure of Solitude will appeal to those who are interested in the lives of others.

What's my view on my book? I think it's an easy read; there isn't a million and one names and places to remember. Each story and poem is short and, I hope, powerful to the reader. I hope people can relate to some of the stories contained within it. There are highs and lows in the book, as with any book that deals with human emotions. It's heart wrenching at times, dark but also heart-warming and compassionate and I feel that is captured perfectly with the front cover.


A truly beautiful book, well written and wonderfully presented.
Thank you so much for such a lovely read.

by Dee Williams

Amazing book , So many things in this book I can relate to , Really is an eye opening read, Fantasic! Xxx

by Viccay Simpson

Tony Webb

I have a passion for the natural world, wildlife and the night sky I love being outside and getting lost with nothing but a railcard.I love music and films that invoke deep sensation and personal meaning within is another passion of mine and i do love taking photos in black and white. I left school with very few qualifications and no real direction in life but who does at sixteen years old?

I started work at a welding company, welding for pharmaceutical industry. I attended college and despite my poor school grades I came top of my class and later went on to work in France and America due to my trade skill. I am still a full-time welder today and now teach evenings at the very same college where I trained.

I also work weekends at a reptile shop too, which I love very much. I have nine pet snakes plus four pet tarantulas and my life is very much animal orientated. I haven't read many books; some of Stephen King's horror novels, Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books. Milton's Paradise Lost is a special favourite of mine.

I use to write on and off when I was younger on the spur of the moment most of the time. The thought never crossed my mind that I would do a book later on in life, but I guess that's the beauty in letting your creative side off the lead and letting it run wild.!

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