Troubador The Cottage of Secrets

Released: 28/06/2016

ISBN: 9781785891786

Format: Paperback

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The Cottage of Secrets


A collection of short stories linked by an aura of malice and mystery. This collection of short stories centres on a range of different women, each of whom is mysterious in their own way. An elderly couple exuding an air of the supernatural, an old lady hearing strange nosies as she sits alone in her home and battered woman plotting revenge against her partner are among them. Other stories look at a group of women who go on a shop lifting spree that portends unpleasantness to come. Meanwhile, a once smart and attractive woman wakes to find herself in strange surroundings and has no idea of why she looks so old and haggard. Each of the stories is masked in mystery as people go missing and relationships break down. The Cottage of Secrets is a vivid collection of stories that will appeal to those who enjoy mysteries.

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