Troubador The Buffeting and Other Poems

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460836

Format: Paperback

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The Buffeting and Other Poems


The poems in this latest collection continue to form an inner commentary on a culture which has a steadily become more closed to any vigorously creative imagination. My poetry explores the deadening, poignant sadness of our one-dimensional, contemporary age. An age characterised by relentless, rampant technology, environmental ruination, subsequent instability and increasing social isolation.

Percy Shelley believed two centuries ago that radically engaged poetry was a powerful, persuasive tool of the human spirit. Therefore, I strive for 'high purposed' rather than mere 'functional' (transient) poetry. My poems seek to focus on what really matters: The reality of all that is everlasting, deep, true and vital to humanity's up-building in terms if self-insight and greater compassion. As such, my aim is to utilise spiritually creative art to challenge a collapsing, self-consuming culture.

Countering the poetry's pervading air of desolation are glimpses of the living, inner meaning of nature's fragile beauty. The poet believes such 'glimpses' offer haunting evidence that the world's underlying core basis is 'spiritual'. And in this sense the poems attest to a world, which despite everything, remains held together by God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

My creative propulsion is under-pinned by a Christian faith inspired by the 'metaphysical poets', John Milton and Gerard Manley Hopkins. My poetry also indicates its indebtedness to various Tudor, Elizabethan and Romantic poets (such as Keats and Shelley). Twentieth century poets, particularly Wilfred Owen and Keith Douglas are further key modern influences.

The collection's life-examining reflections is accompanied by the author's self-depreciating, ironic humour.

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