Troubador Tales of Ivan Levsky

Released: 02/09/2014

eISBN: 9781784627522

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Tales of Ivan Levsky


This collection of short stories originally formed the core of the Author's doctoral thesis, and were written by him over a two year period whilst based in a small Bulgarian village. The collection will give the reader an insight into the history, culture and traditions of this fascinating Balkan country. Written originally with performance in mind - the author wanted the stories to reflect that country's oral storytelling tradition - they make for a lively and fascinating read. Fans of the short story genre and of Magical Realist fiction will enjoy this collection of stories as told by the fictional storyteller, Ivan Levsky, which range from those inspired by the dark and bloody history of the 500 year-long Ottoman occupation, through folk-lore and onto those reflecting modern-day Bulgarian life: an eclectic mix ranging from the bawdy comedy of Samovila to the psychological bleakness of 'The Experiment'. Within this anthology the reader will find a tale to suit every mood. A truly funny, thought-provoking and genuinely different collection of East European tales.

'Clerical Errors Secular Lies' ISBN 0 7552 0245 7. Available through Amazon.

Very good!

by Amy Mays

Trefor R. Stockwell

I have had a speckled career being variously soldier, civil servant, actor, director and college tutor.

I was educated at Bangor and Birmingham universities, and have now completed my Ph.d in English and Creative Witing - the short stories in 'Bread and Wine' and 'Tales of Ivan Levsky' are at the core of my thesis.

I now reside in West Wales. with my four cats

I have published one novel (see below) and have two others awaiting completion.

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