Troubador Taking My Doggerel for a Walk

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781789015683

Format: Hardback

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Taking My Doggerel for a Walk


Inside this book is a wonderful pot-pourri of delights. They come in all shapes and sizes to fascinate and entertain the reader. Most are rhymed; some are short and quirky and some longer to tell mini short stories.

There are amusing cautionary tales, funny reports on bad buses, a medieval wedding tale tragedy, tower blocks in London and a holiday rap! 

All in all, this is a veritable “doggerel’s breakfast” full of entertainment. If you yearn to be a performer of poetry, this book offers you some excellent choices; they all sound good when spoken out loud.

My Doggerel is my best friend. He’s been with me for years.
I love his shaggy baggy coat and silly billy ears.”

A great fun collection covering all kinds of topics!

by A currie

This slim volume packs a real punch. A collection of poems, some of which might be described as doggerel but by no means all, ranging from the funny, the mysterious to the sad. Each is thought provoking and their topics cover the whole spectrum of human emotion and life. A great little read - I hope Jenny Caro will be writing more.

by Baldrobin

This can't pretend to be impartial; anyone who knows Jenny will appreciate her gifts as both a great encourager and an incurable doggerel-lover. Here are some thoughtfully whimsical examples of a great little genre. Doggerel need not be hilarious; some of this is ('The training course' or 'This week's bargain offer'). But I also love more serious verses like 'Life's journey home' and 'The pillage of London' -- 'Is there a law against stealing the sky?' Even better than the printed page is to hear Jenny read and then collapse in the middle for her inimitable but infectious chortle.

by Christopher Idle

A well-crafted poem can speak of an experience of our world in a way that stays with us for a long time; This little book is full of such gems
The authors ability with words and language are what makes her poetry such a simple joy. Her range is huge, the subjects covered too numerous to list.
These poems encapsulate all of human life. Funny, thought-provoking, challenging, evocative, story-telling, satire and tribute. All are here.
Just a joy!!

by Stephen T

What is poetry? That is something that has been debated by fine literary minds for years. There seems to be no consensus on exactly how to define what a poem is. Perhaps the matter is best left to instinct and personal taste? Samuel Johnson is reported to have said that any attempt to try to define exactly what is and is not poetry is likely only to highlight the narrowness of the person who is attempting the definition.

There is, of course, no reason why verse that is simple in structure and in its aim cannot co-exist with more complex and/or serious forms of poetry. The author of this volume of light verse (or ‘doggerel’), Jenny Caro, points out in her introduction to it that such work has been a feature of English literature since the 1600s. ‘Taking My Doggerel for a Walk’ is a delightful collection of poetical bonbons that are, for the most part, witty, accessible and pleasant. Don’t expect deep thinking or emotional intensity. None will linger long in the memory. But they are likely to provide a few minutes of quiet, simple enjoyment before sleep or while waiting for a bus or train. And I don’t mean that as a criticism. There is most definitely a place for this sort of poetry in all our lives. Of the 30 or so poems collected here, I particularly liked ‘A Poetic Quandary’, which neatly encapsulates the gloom that emanates from bouts of ‘writer’s block’ and ‘The Training Course’, one of the longer verses in the book, which will resonate with anyone who, like me, has felt the urge to bunk off a boring residential training event. 7/10.

by Roger Pettit

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