Troubador Sunshine at Auschwitz

Released: 01/03/2013

ISBN: 9781780883366

Format: Paperback

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Sunshine at Auschwitz

Poetry and Prose Fragments


Sunshine at Auschwitz is a small collection of poems and prose fragments, often autobiographical, that author William O’Sullivan has written over the last twenty years or so.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer. One sentence that always sticks in my mind is by Samuel Beckett, when talking about the creative process: ‘There is nothing to be expressed, no power by which it could be expressed, together with the obligation to express.’ I think that what Samuel meant by this is that a writer or an artist cannot offer any satisfactory answers to the questions which confront us when we look at existence, but he is nonetheless in any case compelled to communicate. There’s something in that; my pieces are, I suppose, an attempt to communicate how I feel when I think about how difficult and sad life is. However, any act of communication is essentially optimistic; by sharing our feelings with others, we can come to terms with our problems and ameliorate them,”?says?William.

He admires a number of poets and writers, including Yeats, Auden and Larkin, and among living writers, James Fenton, Roger Mcgough and Bob Dylan. Sunshine at Auschwitz will appeal in particular to fans of twentieth century and autobiographical poetry.

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