Troubador Stupid Poems 14

Released: 28/11/2018

eISBN: 9781789012392

Format: eBook

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Stupid Poems 14


The brand spanking new poetry book from comedic poet Ian Vannoey.
Featuring 28 laugh-out-loud poems to be enjoyed alone or read out loud.
Relatable humour – poems such as "The Beast from the East" and Donald Trump anagrams.

Stupid Poems 14 is a collection of comic poems and other items which display an interest in serious subjects and a childish sense of humour. The subjects, which range from the serious to the ludicrous, include opera and eyebrows. The treatment of the subjects, however, is always ludicrous; the worlds of politics and religion are not immune.

At home I use a spray
To keep alligators away.
“What alligators?” you say.
It really works, this spray.”

– “How to protect yourself from alligators.”

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